Summer Reboot Board

Book now to secure your spot.  October 1st to April 1st  (Winter Reboot) 

This is more than regular board.  It’s therapy board, for horses not needing FULL Rehabilitation Board, but those needing an overall health, wellness and fitness boost.  Included in the pricing is exclusive natural supplements, and an elevated horsemanship lesson bi weekly with your horse if you choose.  (Must be used or forfeited each month)

Your Winter  fees includes professional Equinextion trimming.  Winter is a great time to revitalize your horse.  A winter reboot/retreat for your horse will strengthen the immune system, condition the mind, body and spirit, and reboot the entire horse, from hoof to heart, to a higher state of health and potential performance.   Winter reboot gives a health boost to the entire being. Enhancing muscle tone through various forms of natural activities, revitalizing the mind, regenerating the foot and digestive system, and strengthen immune system.

We love to do reboots throughout the winter months, and you can see the difference Natural Living Enhancements and EQ trimming can do.  Horses come out in the spring stronger, more vibrant, and ready to take on spring and summer riding!

Winter Reboot =  ($950/month) + gst.

Winter transforming