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All ‘barefoot’ trims are NOT equal!   There are many new ‘barefoot trimmer’ pages and businesses being posted on the internet on a daily basis.   Many have taken only a weekend or couple week course, with others who have been trimming for years (with holes in their education)   With ‘barefoot’ becoming more mainstream and popular,  It’s a buyers beware market out there!!    You don’t always get what you pay for!  

At EQ, you get more.  We help  YOU  to become educated on the trim, but also the enhancements to lifestyle and diet that can make or break your success with your particular horse.  There is NO cookie cutter trim recipe for all horses and  in all seasons.  We can help you LEARN how to keep sound for life barefoot horses that are healthier and happier.    In Hoof Clinic, records are kept of the hoof through pictures and notes and at times, video so that we can keep your horse on track, from the Centre.

Hoof Clinic Dates: Wednesdays and Fridays (9:00am – 4:00pm)   Please Make an Appointment      Other days may be available upon special request, with due notice.

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Trim Treatments OFF SITE: Professional Hoof shaping, for function, healing, circulation, growth and performance.

Trim treatments are for horses who are otherwise healthy individuals who need periodic professional balancing.   Beneficial to those who trim for themselves and like getting a ‘check up’ on their trimming, or for those who simply do not want to or can not trim for themselves.

Trim Treatments are also for performance horses or competitive horses who have a need for great attention to detail when having the hoof shaped optimally for growth and development, as well as function for their sport.

No foot … No horse is an old adage and so true to this day.  Your horse deserves functional feet.  Do you know some warning signs that your horses feet are ‘out of whack’ and under par in function?

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HOOF CLINIC On site only:  Initial Trims $100  Maintenance trims $55 or training for owner trim lessons/sessions $80

Visits (that fall less than 6 weeks) to facilitate transitions or healing: $35 -$45

OFF site trimming:  Initial set up visit: $150.00 (mileage may apply)

Regular treatments in recommended schedule:  $65 -$85   depending on size/training/travel

Consultations:   FREE on site!  by appointment only

Consultations Off site:   $150 /hour

If you fall off the recommended scheduling of your horses trim the horse goes back to initial set up trim treatment fees, unless otherwise suggested or discussed with EQ.  Horses require much less trimming as the foot becomes more self maintaining after attaining advanced health.

Self maintenance and balanced health is the goal!!

OFF site Travel days to be arranged by request.  OFF site travel trim treatments are $85 when distance travelled is more than 35 minute drive one way from the Centre.  Additional fees may apply depending on mileage/area/etc.Healing with EQ

Do you know the signs of lameness sneaking up on you??

We want to help you and your horse succeed in all your ventures together with health, happiness and love on all ends.

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EQ healing trimming

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