Elevated Horsemanship Training

If you are a rider or handler of the horse then you are a trainer as well. There is no holding pattern…you either progress or regress each time. If you want to progress with amazing results using energy, intention, we have a program for you.

Training from the ground up.   Building a strong foundation on the ground through proper leading, progressive lunging, in hand work and on to correct riding…building confidence, fitness and understanding in you and your horse.  Indoor riding, outdoor ring riding and progressive trail, obstacle course is available at the Centre.  We use a bitless approach which ALL horses and riders can learn.

Do you want to learn more about deep communication with your horse?  What steps to take in your training and what to do to take to make your dreams reality?

No matter what discipline you ride, basic ancient classical dressage training principles apply. (Unlike the show ring dressage that is seen today)

Light responsive aids, straight self carriage and building and conditioning of the proper muscles, tendons and ligaments to maintain performance, soundness and strong self carriage…and a solid, sane relaxed horse on the ground before you get aboard.  If you enjoy many disciplines with your horse, he/she needs to have the proper foundation to carry you without injury or pain or mis communication.

Full training with full board at the centre and 2-4 personal training sessions per month with your horse…. $1550 plus gst for riding training.   $1150 plus gst for ground work training.  $1800/month for harness training

Summer reboot board available for you and your horse too. 

Lease and Learn Program  … Contact us   We presently have 3 horses available for lease and learn… and ONE pony and ONE mini.   You don’t need to be a rider to lease a horse, but we require that you take ground work lessons and work your way up to riding.  We can do full lease (which is basically like having your own horse,  or 1/2 lease if you come on a part time basis)   ALL equipment is supplied to you… all you do is show up and learn.

Elevated Horsemanship Human Training sessions

Your horse or ours… Beginner through advancing groundwork, (lunging, ground driving, in hand, liberty) Training and Riding and driving Lessons.  It doesn’t matter if you ride English, Western or any discipline at all… proper carriage and training of the horse and rider is paramount.

Private sessions: $55 + gst /   Book of 5 lessons: 235.00   Book of 8 lessons (to be used monthly): $385.00

Semi-Private sessions: $45 +gst each (2 riders)

Regular spring/summer and fall lessons under way. Follow us on FACEBOOK for dates and time changes.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Centre is standard and once school is out for the summer…then during the days become available.   Some weekends available as well… book now and come ride and train in the amazing EQ Centre Horse Park

For more information Contact US

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