Equine Rehabilitation Board

“Amazing EQ Science and Healing will do wonders for your lame or injured horse”


Reversing Founder, Laminitis, Navicular and Mystery disease

What we offer is: Rehabilitative board with applied physiotherapies treating acute and chronic laminitis, long term founder, poor quality feet, navicular, injuries and imbalances.

Most cases of founder, laminitis, navicular and other ‘mystery’ lameness’ can be reversed/cured or at the very least arrested in further development so that a state of comfort and quality of life can be increased and sustained.

We use unique and supportive all natural immune boosters to help horses for horses gain condition, muscling, wellness.  We want them to achieve overall soundness in mind, body and spirit.

Equinextion has been researching, implementing and practicing in equine rehabilitation for over 2 decades. The results are unequivocal with an amazing success rate that rivals traditional rehabilitation theories.
 *Your horse is treated with calm care, radiant healing energy from the start, from our heart.*

At EQ Awakenings, we awaken and enhance the inner horse and connect it back to it’s innate nature.  Not wild but innate, and in doing so activate their own amazing healing powers through their positive mind set.    We ‘nurse’ the entire horse, from monitoring vital signs, administering herbal and whole food natural nutrient dosing, implemented modified EQ Yoga techniques, massage, and guided and targeted specific physical conditioning devoted to strengthening the entire body, in a correct carriage way.  (cardio, muscles, tendons, ligaments).  We also ensure a phycological approach to assure the horse is also  ‘happy’ and balanced in the mind and spirit by using an enhanced natural horse keeping model.

  Also available, a superiorly qualified 30 year veteran of equine chiropractics/kinesiology for additional treatments if and when necessary.

Owners have a private page on this site, and/or through a secret facebook page or just through texting and emails to keep up to date and in touch with their beloved horse while it stays at the centre.

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 *Rehabilitation cases are assessed and accepted on an individual basis. *

We encourage owners to visit the horse in rehab a couple times throughout his/her stay.  You are invited to stay with us for a few days at a time to watch and learn how your horse is recovering and how to care for him in long term.  You can learn as your horse recovers!  We want long term success, for you and the horse,  and support you all along the way.

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We ask that a rehab horse is here a minimum of 2 months, although most serious cases need 6 months.   The initial  first month ( 30 days) full rehab program includes upping nutrients and physical/mental exercise and treatments in an enhanced natural environment, any feed and supplements given, grooming, hoof care/trims/sprays/soaks etc and daily monitoring/nursing etc…whatever is required.  Any extra materials such as wraps or pads /boots etc can be extra.

 Initial 2 months Rehab:  $ 1950

  $850 +gst per month or regular board costs for longer term care, to be discussed on an individual case after the initial first month depending on care and nutrients, exercise needed.

Invest in your horse and in your learning and you may never have to deal with a lame horse again, and if you did, you will know what it takes to heal it.   You are welcome to stay one weekend per month to learn about what it takes to get and keep a sound for life natural and barefoot horse.



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