Pony Parties

              For birthdays or any day…a pony party can be fun for children and adults alike.

Pony party2+ hours at the Centre.   We have a space for your party in the barn with a table, decorations, balloons, paper plates, forks and napkins supplied.

A maximum of 10 children.    We start out by giving the children an introduction to the ponies, a little about their stories of how they came to us, how they live, what they eat etc.  We do an over view of safety and how to be around the horses and then each willing participant gets a chance to ride on the pony or the small horse we also employ at times.   Those who want to can also lead the pony around…we find a lot of kids absolutely love to do this as well as groom them.

To book your 2hour+ party just Contact US with a date and time request.   Parties start at 420.00 plus gst.


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