Elevated Horsemanship Classes

March 12-13 –  Elevated Horsemanship Intro clinic    

April 9-10 – Elevated Horsemanship Workshop 


Lucy and BetaWe all know that horses are not anatomically meant to be ridden…but yet they are, have been and probably will be forever more.

So how do you avoid layoffs, breakdowns and catastrophic failures?  How do recognize when maintenance,  rehabilitation or R&R is needed? and what can you do daily or weekly to elevate your horses all around soundness.

The intro class will touch base and the workshop will take you progressively deeper into the world of Elevated Horsemanship. There are many levels to discover.

The Intro weekend  will touch on conformational analysis, gait analysis, how to check the body for pain and inflammation as well as asymmetries (so very commonly confused with an unwilling horse) …including the teeth.  How can you tell if you need an equine dentist? how to check your horses teeth, legs, eyes.  How and what to look for in checking for balance from the foundational foot UP.

We will practice some basic massage techniques and show you how to begin your own EQ Yoga with horses.  We will see some ground (in hand) exercises that you can do with your horses for fun, fitness, symmetry and building core strength, trust and partnership.    A fun educational weekend with many take home messages and techniques for you.

Learn what you can do to keep horses sound for life!

Saturday from 9-4 and Sunday from 9-3

$199 per weekend…(special intro price)

What do you need?

Bring a lunch and appropriate clothing to be outside. (Bring a selection as this is Alberta 😉

You can bring a horse is you like for the 102 class, but it’s not necessary.

Be present with cell phone on airplane mode.