EQ Awakenings : Enhanced Natural Board


At EQ Awakenings Centre, we offer so much more than simple ‘pasture’ board or ‘turnout’.   It’s like NO other place.  Natural living at it’s finest is found at EQ Awakenings Centre.  Seasonal or year round boarding and short stay system reboots  for horses needing therapy may be available.

We  accept a limited number of boarders for a semi private boarding experience and to ensure proper land and herd management.

Located just off the 22X near Priddis.  Private facility offering you a premiere semi private service with assured confidentiality and security.  Indoor round connection arena, 150 acres of peaceful existence.


150 acres of land with 3 Large Pastures 

Grass/ Hay Staple Diet

Updates on horses in Members FB group

Integrated Herd Living with attention to ALL horses present

Indoor Riding/Large Round Connection Ring

Chain link and electric Fencing

Barefoot Horses ONLY (Professional EQ Hoof Clinic on site)

Rider skill development and Training support available with Elevated Horsemanship

HORSE PARK with little X-Country course, Cowboy Challenge obstacles and awesome wooded trails with river access.

Kelp (organic bio-available vitamins, minerals and all amino acids)

Detail grooming- monthly health check ups

Parasite checks (fecal exams) available on site


Board is offered at $550/month plus gst from May to October   (extra feed costs may apply if you want your horse fed above the  free choice hay staple diet/kelp/acv…) (Natural supplements and whole food products available at the Centre) 

Board is offered for $650/month plus gst from November -April  We are feeding Organic grass mixed hay

  (Limited spots available)

Education board: Includes up to 8+ hours/month of instruction in riding/trimming/etc is offered for $1100/month plus gst for one horse.  (ask about additional horses)

 (Education boarders get a 15% discount on all Equinextion events offered at EQ Awakenings and get a 10% discount on all items in the EQ Awakenings store located on site) 


    Inquire about working board ( want to board and work at the centre?)

Read on for more information on what is offered at this totally unique facility


What is Natural living?

Do you have a shod horse?  Transitions to barefoot and sound does not always have to be difficult.    We are here to monitor that transition for the horse to assure comfort and quick development, and to help you through it as well, on the way to an even healthier, happier, cooperative animal.

  EQ System living is so much more than having ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ board.


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 Horses are individuals and need individual care.   EQ Awakenings recognizes this and will closely monitor your horse/s and keep records to assure quality ongoing care and attention.  Your decision to give your horse this living space will pay you back 10 fold in behaviour and health benefits.

Natural is a gift

Now accepting Horses for Enhanced Natural Board:  TWO Spaces available.   Don’t miss the opportunity to give your horse an amazing EQ Enhanced natural lifestyle, which in turn gives back to you with so many additional benefits.  Increased immunity, beautiful coat and manners, and overall health and wellness are only some of the benefits.

We will be offering many more services from other equine professionals that you can opt in if you chose.  From veterinary, dentist and kinesiology/chiropractic work.  We look forward to meeting you and your horse/s.

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