Elevated Horsemanship Clinic level 1

May 13-14, 2017     


IMG_3401  Elevated Horsemanship 

This weekend intro clinic will explore proper and improper movement of each participant horse.  Learn to recognize areas of weakness and strength.  Make a plan to condition and strengthen your horse to avoid breakdowns.

Practice different ground exercises which enhance your horses confidence and friendship bond with you

 The basis of all disciplines should begin with the following training and awareness principles.

  •  * To form an elevated partnership on the ground (which transfers to saddle)
  •  * To systematically school and condition the horses body and mind and elevate spirit.
  •  * To invite participation rather than demand conformity.
  •  * To elevate physical condition of yourself and the horse to be ambidextrous, stronger,
  •     straighter and more fluid with each other.
  •  * To understand how, why and which muscles, tendons and ligaments need attention       in training to build the horse up to enable the horse to carry a rider without causing       damage to himself.

Through elevating awareness of your energy and intention, focus and realization you will gain further understanding of the subtle communications that our horses always give.  Learn to be a better horse listener, as they are the ones who whisper!   Learn to be present in the moment and see how this kind of energy affects your horse.    If they are labelled a ‘problem’ horse, they are past whispering and are yelling.   We welcome your ‘problem’ horse too.

 No matter your chosen discipline…what you do on the ground to prepare the mind, body and spirit will last into the saddle and preserve your horse for many years.

A VIEW OF THE HORSE PARK Horse park Ground exercises are fun ground drive

RIVER ACCESSPony swim in summeroutdoor ring rideThe Schooling Domedome arena COOLING OFF IN THE SUMMER SUNswimming trails


FROM 9 TO 4 EACH DAY… BRING A LUNCH   We will have water, coffee, tea and snacks for you.

Total cost for this intro weekend is  $255.00

Make it a retreat and stay with us for the weekend with ALL inclusive meals and lodging for only $350 for the weekend.

For retreaters … Arrive friday pm


IMG_5453 kari ann jump rain arena rideDSC01079

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