We rehabilitate and re educate horses (and their humans) from many labeled incurable dis-ease’s by using tried, tested and true EQUINEXTION philosophies and methodologies and Elevated Horsemanship.
We offer an enhanced natural boarding experience for you horses.  
We guarantee you enhanced natural  hoof care at it’s finest.  
We bring you applied massage therapy bookings with an accomplished, well educated talented practitioner.  
We offer bookings with Natural Balance Dentists…the best your horse can have.  We also have education classes on Equine NB Dentistry.    
We offer support to learn to trim your own horse through courses, classes, weekend workshops and private instruction.  See equinextion.com where we have more equine hoof practitioners, from Connection Agents to fully certified mentors…who would love to help you.
As we grow and develop this site  we will be under some construction so check back again for updates and new dates for other events offered at the center.

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